Quick recap.My last 5 years in a nutshell.


For the past four years, I´ve been working in a company that I co-founded with other 9 people. My role has always been closely tied with branding, communication, and design. After developing projects in Helsinki, San Francisco, Pune and Shanghai I found myself working in the ROXY Global Marketing Department, helping the brand re-structure it’s messaging and positioning itself in a technical market through design thinking and servide design processes.

I moved to Madrid a year ago to enroll in the Ironhack UX/UI Design bootcamp in order to get further knowledge regarding user centered design processes, and I´ve been living there since.

I like to believe that I´m driven and I throw myself in everything I do, I adapt easily to diverse situations and I´m able to pull through and succeed. I´m skilled in project management, from the conceptualization to the very end of the execution.

I’ve fallen in love with service design after al these years and I always love to get myself into new projects regarding strategic design and shaping new realities.

I´m currently working at a digital product design agency as a UX/UI Designer.

My Toolbox


UX/UI Design


Collaborative UX/UI Design


Document and plan projects


Animate prototypes


Image vectorization


Photo editor


Agile adaptative planing

Premiere Pro

Video edition